Barbers and models gather in London

A collection of the best barbers and top models gathered with the Hairbond team at the Strap and Scraper barber shop. 

Strap and Scraper is situated in the heart of Shoreditch, London, to capture a collection of classic hair styles/cuts and Hairbond product shots.

Peaky Blinders inspired #BarberJack ft his favourite Hairbond Product
Hairbond Gripper Professional Hair Pomade

Professional footballer Darren Ambrose @mr.ambrose84 also made an appearance with his son, Harry.

Darren freshened things up with the Hairbond Mattifier Professional Hair Cement and his son Harry opted Hairbond’s natural finishing product, Moulder Professional Hair Shaper.

Darren and Harry Ambrose ft their favourite Hairbond products

All Hairbond products have various hold strengths. One of the strongest being the Hairbond Shaper Professional Hair Toffee.

Best selling, Hairbond’s Shaper Professional Hair Toffee has a desirable toffee/fragrance and a hold that lasts throughout the day, showcased here by actor, model and singer @ashstevenson 

Ash Stevenson ft Hairbond Shaper Professional Hair Toffee

Also amongst the models and barbers was another professional footballer, the Crystal Palace youngster Will Donkin of who also favoured the strong holding toffee product.

Crystal Palace footballer Will Donkin

Have you tried the Hairbond Shaper, or any other products yet? Comment with your thoughts or visit the shop here

left: Patryk using #hairbondmattifier
right: @genghao.t with #hairbondshaper

Premier League footballers make noise about Hairbond

Premier league Wolverhampton Wanderers players, Matt Doherty and Leonardo Bonatini sent over pictures, both of them endorsing the Hairbond brand and showcasing their Hairbond Shaper, professional hair toffee product .

Matt Doherty ft Hairbond Shaper

Wolverhampton Wanderers Football Club commonly known as Wolves is a professional football club in Wolverhampton, West Midlands, England. Formed as St Luke’s F.C. in 1877, they have played at Molineux Stadium since 1889 and currently compete in 7th place in the Premier League (06.03.2019), the top tier of English football, after winning the 2017–18 EFL Championship.

Leonardo Bonatini ft Hairbond Shaper

These two players join a long list of footballers/sportsmen who were also keen to associate themselves with and endorse the Hairbond brand.

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Undefeated boxer stars in Hairbond commercial

English former professional undefeated boxer and olympic bronze medalist Tony Jeffries collaborated with Hairbond at his world famous @boxnburn fitness and boxing gym.

The Hairbond gentlemen commercial was produced by @gansmedia and can be viewed here on YouTube.

“Every one has their escape, some climb mountains, some jump out of planes, some people just close their eyes, this is what i do..”

“I guess you could say we have a natural bond”

Behind the scenes “Hairbond Gentlemans Commercial”

Tony’s gym business Box N Burn is claimed to be the USA’s most popular and desired 60-minute fitness classes of REAL boxing technique with 1-on-1 mitt and bag work, combined with functional fitness exercises.

Every class is taught by world class trainers and it is claimed each class can burn 800+ calories!

With the best boxing and fitness equipment, the BNB gyms can be found in two US locations, check their website here

Tony’s preffered product as featured in the video was the Hairbond Moulder. Buy one today here

US celebrity barber promotes British hair styling products, Hairbond

Barber to the stars, Johnny Villanueva johnny_v_hair says Hair is the best Accessory. Here you see Johnny styling hair for the famous American actor, also producer, businessman, model, rapper, and songwriter, Mark Wahlberg.

Johnny V took to Instagram to share his adoration for the Hairbond product range:

“I’m very blessed and thankful for all the products I received throughout the year that being said there’s is always one or two that I love and this is one of them. @hairbond My reluctant son after cutting his hair I had him sit down for a quick pic his hair is curly so I used a combination which I often do when grooming hair because hair texture doesn’t always work with most products so sometimes you just have to be a scientist? I combined MATTIFIER / GRIPPER.
#legit#madeinengland@charlievillanueva4@stonemanagement#✌? “

Johnny amongst other top international barbers talks here about experimenting with mixing Hairbond products for even more diverse results. Why not give his recommendation a go

Hairbond Mattifier mix with Hairbond Gripper

Here are some examples of the Hairbond products you could use to achieve similar Mark Wahlberg looks..

Mark Wahlberg “short hair style” recommended Hairbond product
Mark Wahlberg “long hair style”
recommended Hairbond product

Take a look at the Hairbond product selection here

Whilst finding his own sound, XFactor singer also finds Hairbond

24-year-old singer, Sam Callahan made it to the finals of XFactor in 2013 and is now releasing his own original music but has been reported promoting his favourite Hairbond product on social media.

After his time on the XFactor he is spotted showing the world his favourite Hairbond Moulder Professional Hair Shaper via his twitter account.

Sam holds up his Hairbond Moulder Professional Hair Shaper

Sam is a former barman from Essex and he attended the Sylvia Young Theatre School with The Wanted’s Nathan Sykes.

Before he auditioned for The XFactor, Callahan was part of mixed-gender group managed by Geri Halliwell, before leaving in June 2011 to go solo.

He then released his debut single “Runaway Train” in December 2012. Callahan supported The X Factor bands District3 and Union J at gigs in Scotland.

He is a big fan of Celtic F.C., having previously lived in Glasgow to work with Scottish music producer John McLaughlin (911, Westlife, Busted), who produced “Runaway Train”.

You can also check out Sam’s Instagram page here

Sam promoting his single “Stitches and Scars”

Check out Sam’s Youtube channel and his song “Stitches and Scars Promotional” video here